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Easy way to understand the real intents! Check what words a the most popular; see what #hashtags your target likes; understand the source websites of the tweets.

what is the Intentout service?

Twitter account analytics and statistics

Intentout is a service for Twitter profile analytics. Sometimes you need quickly understand who this person on Twitter is and what he writes about. Our service can analyze hashtags, words and websites URLs. Twitter accounts are processed on demand in the background. If you want to renew the list of the hashtags or words on the specific Twitter account – simply re-open it, intentout will handle the rest.

Our website provides complex Twitter account analytics. Each Twitter profile page shows the most commonly used words, hashtags and website URLs. Each item has a rating attached to it. Higher rating means that author used it more frequently in tweets than others.

This statistics can help you two quickly decide what are the actual person's intents and interests. Sometimes blocks with statistics are empty – this means that Twitter account did not write anything yet.

More Twitter statistics

We are constantly working on improving our analytics – more tweets statistics, additional hashtags in-depth research, websites checks. If you have any ideas how to improve our service or you found that something works not in the right way, feel free to contact us using form below.

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